“I promise to protect not only your heart, but also your mind, your soul and your body.”

Sian and Mike were married on the 7th January, with a ceremony and reception at Te Awa Winery in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

From the moment I met up with these two to find out more about their wedding plans, I knew their day was going to be something special. I loved listening to Sian talk about her plans for a “rustic glam” wedding and was beyond excited when I learned who the talented team of wedding vendors were that she had chosen to trust on this day. For me, working with a great team of experienced vendors makes such a difference to how the day goes and I’d happily recommend any of the vendors listed at the end of this post.

As cliche as it sounds, this was simply a perfect day. As I’d already learned from their autumn engagement session, Sian and Mike are just crazy in love, totally relaxed, and as their lovely celebrant Fiona commented on the day, “they look just like they fell straight out of a Disney movie”. I can hardly believe, at the sweet age of sixteen, Sian already new Mike was the one – but there you go – she was right.

Sian wore a gold and pearl art-deco inspired Essence gown with the perfect touch of shimmering, head-turning sparkle. The bridesmaids (so stunning and sparkly they could have been brides themselves) wore ivory with silver beading. The boys also looked handsome in their dark grey suits and bow ties and Mike just couldn’t stop flashing that cheeky grin of his. When you take one look at Sian it’s obvious why!

The details were also stunning. Sian adores flowers so florals where a key feature of her wedding styling setting the tone and ambience for the day. With a brief to ‘go big or go home’ the talented Toni of Magdalen Hill was the perfect choice to bring this vision to life. She created the most stunning statement bouquet in shades of white, pink and pops of raspberry with a mix of stunning blooms including peonies and roses along with lashings of foliage, flowering herbs and berries. The incredible floral styling carried through to the ceremony and reception where more gorgeous blooms adorned a centrepiece archway made by the groom and long banquet tables were decorated with olive and rosemary garlands and crystal taper candles. Another special touch was a trio of cakes lovingly made by Sian’s clever friend Emma and her lovely bridesmaid Fran.

On their wedding day Sian wanted everyone to feel the love and romance from start to finish. From the look on her parents face when they first saw her in her dress to the most beautiful vows I’ve every heard and the smile you could not wipe off Mike’s face, the whole day was filled with pure, genuine emotion. Not wanting to be away from their guests for too long, a nearby olive grove was the perfect location for us to capture some lovely bridal party photos – a mix of candid, formal and fun -before spending some time alone with the bride and groom in a few beautiful spots around Te Awa Winery. With the right planning and the right setting (location and light!) it’s amazing how many stunning portraits we can capture without taking too much time out of your special day. 

Sian and Mike, thank you for choosing Carmen and I to capture all the gorgeousness of your wedding! You surrounded yourselves with such amazing people—friends, family, and vendors alike! I wish you both nothing but happiness together.

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Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0020 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0021 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0022 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0023


Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0025 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0026 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0027 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0028 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0029 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0030 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0031 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0032 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0033 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0034 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0035 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0036 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0037 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0038 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0039 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0040 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0041 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0042 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0043 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0044 Te-Awo-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0109
Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0047 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0048 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0049 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0050 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0051 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0052 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0053 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0054 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0055 Te-Awo-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0110
Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0058 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0059


Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0061 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0062


Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0064 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0066Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0065 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0067 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0068 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0069 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0070

Te-Awo-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0111 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0072 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0073 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0074 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0075 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0076 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0077 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0078 Te-Awa-Winery-Wedding-Linda-Baylis-Photography_0079