Rainy Day Wedding Photos – 5 Tips

How do you handle a rainy day wedding? Getting married outdoors on a sunny Hawke’s Bay day is many a bride’s dream, but in reality, there is always a chance mother nature will rain on your parade! While Hawke’s Bay may be blessed with more fine days than some other popular New Zealand wedding destinations, there are no guarantees you won’t have an unwelcome guest gatecrash your wedding day! Here are some quick tips on how to rock a rainy day wedding.


So, what to do if it rains on your big day?

1. Relax {Let it Go!}

Give yourself a moment to be disappointed then move on. Easier said than done, I know, but the earlier you start thinking about a backup plan the easier this will be. Remember what this day really means to you – it’s about the two of you – a celebration of your love surrounded by your closest friends and family. Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying every moment.


Candice and Dan were married on March 14th, 2014, at Te Awa Winery the same weekend Cyclone Lusi swept down the East Coast bringing high winds and heavy rain with her. The backup plan, to move the ceremony into an indoor space in front of the romantic fireplace, was put in place moments before the Bride {along with Cyclone Lusi} arrived!


Candice and Dan’s wedding was featured in Stuff’s Wedding of the Week. Check it out here.

2. Have a backup plan for a rainy day wedding!

You’ve probably been planning and picturing the overall look and feel of your wedding day for months. Chances are your vision does not include rain. Let’s change that! Consider the indoor options at your venue and imagine how they could look just as fabulous – perhaps even better – than your outdoor vision. Now use this to put a Plan B in place. The earlier in the planning process that you do this, the less stress there will be on the day.


Shahn and Brad were married at The Old Church in October 2017. Knowing that a spring wedding meant a higher likelihood of rain, they decided to avoid unnecessary stress on the actual day and chose the stunning indoor conservatory for their ceremony.

3. Trust your Wedding Vendors

Talk to your venue and vendors. Some venues come equipped with picture perfect indoor options for your ceremony and more, while others may require a little more creativity.  If you’ve enlisted the services of one of Hawke’s Bay’s talented wedding stylists or planners they’ll have loads of ideas on how to transform your indoor space and prepare a wet weather option. Be sure to check in with your photographer too. If you’ve hired a Hawke’s Bay wedding photographer they will have local experience and a good understanding of the indoor and outdoor options at a variety of venues.


This exquisite wedding arch from I Do Glamour Weddings and Events with gorgeous florals styled by Magdalen Hill would look equally stunning for an outdoor or indoor ceremony. As well as a ceremony statement piece, it also made a gorgeous backdrop for family and bridal party photos as well as a fun photo booth prop for guests. Isn’t little Flynn here just too cute for words? Visit here to see more of Shahn and Brad’s Old Church wedding.


If you’re getting married at The Old Church in Hawke’s Bay consider splurging and hiring the Villa as part of the package. Not only is it the luxury you deserve {really you DO}, it’s a fabulous space for photos if the weather turns against you! Bouquet: Magdalen Hill.

4. Be Flexible

There’s a big difference between a drizzle and a downpour. Often in New Zealand a rain shower can move out just as quickly as it comes in. If your heart is set on an outdoor ceremony stick to Plan A as long as you can. Perhaps this means postponing the ceremony by 15 minutes and serving guests pre-ceremony bubbles. Or going ahead with the outdoor plan but being prepared to move things inside quickly if it gets too wet. It’s becoming increasingly common for couples to break with tradition so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Remember it’s your day – your way!

Tips for rainy day wedding photos

Katrina and Regan were married in the middle of summer at Cape Estate, Hawke’s Bay. Despite the on-and-off drizzle that persisted for most of the day they made the decision to go ahead with an outdoor ceremony. The drizzle turned to rain as the couple shared their first kiss. Guests came to the rescue with sun umbrellas to keep them dry and the ceremony was quickly moved to a sheltered spot.

rainy day bridal party photos at the old church hawkes bay

I always carry a set of plain black umbrellas for the bridal party, but be sure to check with your photographer. Purchasing a set of clear umbrellas prior to the day is a good option and you can always resell or gift these to future brides.


I’m in love with this pagoda style umbrella I carry in my kit from Moxi Mama. Also in love with these two gorgeous brides who totally embraced the rain!

5. Embrace it {Best Advice Ever}

This is your day. Be happy. Be present. Be in the moment. Don’t worry about your dress, your shoes, your guests or your photos. Don’t worry about the rain. Just don’t worry full stop. Remember umbrella’s make fabulous accessories. Own that rain and be prepared to go out and play! Trust me – you won’t regret it. {Maybe bring a spare pair of shoes}


Candice and Dan, embracing the moment. Even a cyclone could not wipe those smiles off those faces. Photographed in the Barrel Room, Te Awa Winery.

Rain or shine, choosing local Hawke’s Bay wedding professionals with knowledge of the area really does make the world of difference! Visit the Hawke’s Bay Tourism’s Wedding Guide “Get Hitched in Hawke’s Bay” to help plan your day.

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