Shahn & Brad – A Hawkes Bay Wedding Story – The Old Church

The first time I met Shahn and Brad I knew I was going to be a little sad if they chose another photographer! We met for coffee and chatted for ages. Shahn shared her vision of a rustic styled ceremony with a backdrop of fairy lights. While I was a little hesitant about accepting a wedding at the venue they were initially considering, I adored her ideas and quite frankly, after an hour or so chatting with them, I adored them too! You could not hope to meet a more down-to-earth, genuine and caring couple. And the way Brad looked at Shahn…

I confess there was a ‘happy dance’ when they went ahead and booked me. Little did I know things would only get better! Firstly, they decided on The Old Church as a venue. Not only did this mean they were going to be well looked after by Jade and the team at Orton Catering, it’s one of those perfect venues that has you ‘covered’ regardless of what the weather chooses to do. Something to think about if you’re planning a spring wedding. I wonder if they knew what was in store for them. 

Next I could hardly contain myself when I got a message from Toni at Magdalen Hill letting me know she’d be creating the florals. If you don’t know already, you’ll soon realise I have a bit of a crush on this talented florist. All you need to do is take a look at the images below to understand why! Together with Alex Devine from ‘I do Glamour’ the styling of the venue was pure gorgeousness to capture!

All in all this stunning wedding was simply a bit of a love fest. One of my favourite make up artists, Candice Dear, worked her usual magic, jumping in to help the rest of us out at every possible opportunity. I am so grateful I get to work with amazing couples as well as amazing vendors who always go above and beyond what you might expect for their brides.

Another special chapter to this wedding story was that unbeknown to me, Shahn had met another very special bride of mine from a past wedding who had become a bit of a wedding mentor to her. And this Sian (yes – same pronunciation – different spelling) knew a thing or two about planning the perfect wedding! Since these girls shared the same name as well as the same birthday, and obviously a similar sense of style and exceptional taste, it was a special touch that Sian lent Shahn her veil to wear on the day. How’s that for a tongue twister?

So how about a riddle instead? What do you get when you cross Dominoes with Flex Fitness? You get Brad – a bit of an enigma, a bit strong & silent, a  bit cute, and quite undeniably head over heels with his adorable new wife. Thank you Brad for being so patient, so easy natured and just going with the flow. And for completely understanding when it came to your wedding day, there was  another guy who stole the show and all the girls hearts! And while I’m a big fan, I’m not talking about Sam from The Block. Little Flynn is the most adorable, confident and hilarious little guy I’ve ever met and is a credit to you all. I so enjoyed the reception entertainment – as all your guests did too – best ever!

To finish up – if you’re actually still with me – the only negative about this day was the weather. While the forecast was just for showers, on the actual day it rained. It really rained…. relentlessly and consistently. All day. Boy did it rain! On the positive side, while things weren’t as comfortable and free flowing as they might have been – it was cold rain, and it was wet – these guys were absolute stars and did what it took to get the soft, natural outdoor shots they had hoped for. As Shahn said, they ‘owned that rain’! We even had some fun with it, and thanks to the venue options, we also got some pretty spectacular indoor shots too.

Shahn & Brad, thanks so much for trusting me to capture your wedding story. It was a privilege to share this day with you and get to know the people who love you.



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